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A red cross nurse writing down last words of mortally wounded soldier, taken around 1917.
Oldest Austrian soldier of WW1, a 79-year-old Gaspar Wallnöfer, veteran of Habsburg campaigns in Italy in 1848 and 1866, September 1917
Infantrymen of the 1st Australian division during a rest, taken at Ypres, Belgium, 1917. (colorized by me)
A German officer and an NCO wearing portable sound locating apparatus's to detect enemy aircraft. Western Front, 1917.
Sergeant Stubby, the most decorated dog in U.S. Military History. Beginning in 1917, he spent over 18 months on patrol in WWI, participated in 17 battles, and saved the lives of countless men on the battlefield.
Austrian officers playing music into radio transmitters that broadcast it to soldiers in nearby trenches, WW1, 1917
Manfred von Richthofen (1892-1918), better known as the Red Baron, wears his friends clothing to not be recognized in public (Schweidnitz, 1917)
German pilot Adolf Auer in his plane in 1917, although he wasn't Jewish he painted the star of David symbol on his plane after future Nazi party member Hermann Goring made anti semitic remarks about his co pilot.
Three Irish Guardsmen wearing German body-armour, examining a captured German machine-gun at the Battle of Pilckem Ridge. 31st July, 1917
French 'poilus' ('hairy ones') soldiers posing in a trench, 16 June 1917. Note: this is an 'Autochrome' photograph, an early form of colorized photography. This is thus the original photo.
Confederate veterans of the 65th Georgia Volunteer Infantry, 1917 (519 × 400)
Sandro Pertini, future President of the Italian Republic in 1978-1985, as a Second Lieutenant during World War I, June 1917
Soviet Soldiers take group photo after overthrowing the provisional government on November 7th, 1917.
Ferdinand Adolf Heinrich Agust Graf Von Zeppelin. Creator of the Zeppelin (1917) (1,219 × 1,708)
German Soldier diving out of the way of an exploding shell on the Western Front of WWI circa 1917.
Gasper Wallnöfer, oldest soldier of World War 1 at 71 years old, 1917,
The Battle of Passchendaele. November 1917.
" If i advance, follow me, if i fall back, kill me, if i die, venge me" sign in a French trench, somwhere near Verdun , 1916-1917
Lenin in Stockholm, Sweden, during his transit to Russia. April 13 1917.
Newly formed Senate of Finland moments before declaration of independence, 27 November 1917
The aftermath of the Halifax Explosion (Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada) on December 6th, 1917
"Helmets of Kaiser's Crack Troops Dumped at Hoboken", 1917/18
Munitions workers guide 6-inch howitzer shells being lowered to the floor at the National shell filling factory, Chilwell, Nottinghamshire, UK, July 1917
Ottoman surrender of Jerusalem, December 9th 1917.
Men of the 8th Battalion, East Yorkshire Regiment going up to the line near Frezenberg, Photo by Ernest Brooks. 1917.
Australian soldier John Hines was known as the Souvenir King because of his relieving German soldiers of their equipment and personal belongings at the Battle of Polygon Wood, 1917.
The 4th Australian Light Horse Regiment moving into action at the Battle of Beersheba which took place on 31 October 1917
Aircraft detection before the invention of the Radar, c. 1917.
A mass rout of Russian troops in Ternopil, Ukraine, July 1917.
Women from Legion of Ukrainian Sich Riflemen, sergeant Hanna Dmyterko, second lieutenant Sofiya Halechko, activist Olha Basarab. Vienna, 1917.
Austro-Hungarian Captain Raoul Stojsavljevic preparing for a air patrol on the Italian front in his Hansa-Brandenburg D.I, 1917
Russian and Habsburg officer posing together during ceasefire on Eastern front, late 1917
Austrian Field Marshal Conrad von Hötzendorf inspecting troops on the front, WW1, 1917
Soldiers of 17th (Slovene) Infantry Regiment of Austro-Hungarian army, somewhere on Italian (Isonzo) front, 1917
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