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French soldiers passing by a dog wearing googles and smoking a pipe, 1915
Battalion courier Adolf Hitler in May 1915, with his rifle slung over his shoulder, on his way to deliver a message during WWI .
A Serbian soldier sleeps with his father who came to visit him on the front line near Belgrade, 1914/1915.
Father and son from the same German regiment read a letter from their respective wife and mother at the front, 1915.
Crown Prince Wilhelm of Germany striking a pose while inspecting the troops, ca. 1915
Sign assures people that the business is Russian-owned. Mobs had been attacking shops that they suspected were owned by Germans. London, 1915
Italian soldiers hoisting a crate, dog and artillery gun up a mountain, ca. 1915.
Ottoman troops with ski equipment in the Caucasus campaign, 1915.
Muslim bandits, Xinjiang, China, c. 1915 taken by Aurel Stein.
Russian soldier posing with a captured imperial Austrian battle flag, WW1, 1915
A crowd of young men queuing at the Army Recruiting Office at Walworth Town Hall, Wansey Street, Walworth, Southwark in south London, England during Lord Derby’s recruitment campaign, 1915.
Italian Soilders in the Alps,1915
A Maori soldier in the Apex trenches of Gallipoli, 30 November 1915.
Bandages are retrieved from the kit of a British dog during WWI, (1915)
Zorita- born Katherine Boyd was a burlesque dancer, here she is dressed as the bride & groom, 1915 .
German soldiers march into Serbia 1915
Dorothy Lawrence being arrested after posing as a male soldier to write on the frontlines during WWI, 1915 .
Snowy Austro-Hungarian trench in Carpathian mountains, during winter battles against Russians, 1915
Captured Serb is being led to the gallows, Austro-Hungarian army in occupied Serbia, 1915
German soldiers sleeping in the trenches during World War I, 1915.
Austro-Hungarian officer showing his basic equipment (revolver, gas mask, grenades etc....), Galicia-Eastern front, 1915
Italian soldier of the First World War poses wearing the typical cavalry helmet. 1915
“Angry Birds” in imperial style, 1915. This is actually a pilot training simulator .
German troops singing around a Christmas tree in their trench on the Eastern Front during World War I, circa 1915. (Colorized, link to original Bg&W photo in comments)
Josef Stalin as a Soviet Revolutionary during World War 1. Ca. 1915. (CSU 2015 11 1370)
Russian soldiers teaching German POWs a Cossack dance in the snow circa 1915
1915 (WW1) French Trench Raider.
Balloon Apron is Suspended to Defend London from Air Attacks 1915
German jewish capellan giving shabbat morning service to capturated jewish soldiers 1915
Melon vendor (Samarkand, Uzbekistan between 1905 and 1915)
German soldiers marching into Neu Sendec as Jewish civilians look on 1915
Joseph Stalin (standing third from the left) with a group of Bolshevik Revolutionaries, Turukhansk, Russia, 1915.
A then almost unknown Benito Mussolini is beaten and arrested after taking part in protests against Italy joining WW1. 1915
German cavalry soldier in WW1 with lance & gas mask - 1915
German graves outside Łódź, Poland, 1915.
A camouflaged Swedish Navy ship 1915
A column of Serbian soldiers moves through the Prokletije mountain range during the Great Serbian Retreat. December 1915
The bloody mountain warfare on the Italian front: Austrian soldiers descend a cliff, 1915.
Austro-Hungarian soldiers with arrested Ukrainian peasant (suspected for spying for Russians), Galicia, 1915
12-year-old Lahnert Boy topping beets near Fort Collins. Colorado, October 30, 1915 - By Lewis Hine for the National Child Labor Committee.
Joseph Goebbels at the school theater in Mönchengladbach-Rheydt: He plays the role of Köhne Finke in the historical drama "Die Quitzows" by Ernst V. Wildenbruch, 1915
French soldiers in a trench take cover from an artillery shell. Fort de la Pompelle, Reims, France (ca 1915)
An Ottoman artillery crewman who carried 3 artillery shells after the shell crane took damage in the Dardanelles, 1915, Dardanelles, .
A woman pins flowers on to the tunic of a soldier at a march-past of Indian soldiers During World War I (1915).
Endurance, the ship of Ernest Shackleton's Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition, photographed in ice, 1915.
Future President Lyndon B. Johnson, aged 7, in the Texas hill country near Stonewall, Texas, 1915
Antartica, 1915: The 'Endurance' being slowly crushed by ice while it’s crew look on helpless.
German soldiers with a group of Russian Jews during World War I 1915
Eight-year-old boy harvesting beets. Colorado, 1915 - By Lewis Hine for the National Child Labor Committee.
Mrs. Esther Stace, from Yarrowitch, riding sidesaddle and clearing a record 6'6" at the Sydney Royal Show. Sydney, Australia. 1915
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