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A French boy introduces himself to Indian soldiers who had just arrived in France to fight alongside French and British forces, Marseilles, 30th September 1914.
A rare photo of a traffic accident in the Netherlands more than 100 years ago. The photo was taken in 1914.
Anne Frank's father; Otto Frank served as a lieutenant during WW1. by his merits he earned two iron crosses from both clases. Circa 1914
Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife minutes before assassination that would lead to WW1, 1914
Ferris, a 7 year old newsie who did not know enough to make change for investigator. Mobile, Alabama. 1914. by Lewis Hine
Muslim soldiers of the Russian Imperial Army at daily prayers. Austrian front, September 1914
A smiling girl in a kimono on New Year's Day. Japan, 1914
2 Sisters Selling Flags during World War I to raise money for Indian soldiers, circa 1914-18,
Prussian Landwehrmann tanning rat skins in a dugout during WWI. c. 1914
Sarajevo, 1914: The assassin, Gavrilo Princip, being arrested moments after shooting Archduke Franz Ferdinand.
1914 photograph of Maria Nikolaevna Romanov kept at Lord Mountbatten’s bedside until his death
Belgian cyclist battalion departing on reconnaissance mission in 1914
A wounded British soldier waits for the Red Cross and a train home to Blighty in time for the first Christmas of war, 1914.
The Christmas Goose Hunt. French soldier chasing a goose with a rifle bayonet in a farmyard, France December 1914
A French boy introduces himself to an Indian (British Empire) soldier in Marseilles, France 1914 (4096x2866 colorised)
Kaiser Wilhelm II and his court dressed up in clothes from the era of Frederick the Great pre-1914
Sikhs arriving in France in 1914 during WW1
Photos of Gerhard Bast as a 3-year-old Austrian boy, posing with his first hunting rifle in 1914, and as a mass-murdering member of the SS thirty years later. As an adult, Bast became the commander of a death squad. He and his men executed hundreds, if not thousands, of civilians .
Dumping ground for dead horses, Belarus, taken during WWI c. 1914
A Berlin crowd listens as a German officer reads the Kaiser's order for mobilisation, 1st August 1914
Photo of Franz Ferdinand's Assassin, minutes after murdering the couple, being restrained and forced away from the scene of the crime after having failed to commit suicide. June 28th, 1914.
Mexican revolutionary leader, Emiliano Zapata, Mexico City, 1914.
The Life Magazine predicting the fashion style in the 1950's, 1914
The first mobilization orders in Berlin, 1914.
Sigmund Freud with two of his sons, 1914. They both served in WWI for the Austro-Hungarian army.
French rubgy team in 1914, 11 of them died during world war 1, France
Archduke Ferdinand and his wife Sophie one hour before they would be shot a killed by Serb nationalist Gavrilo Princip as they drove through the streets of Sarajevo, 1914
Dracula actor Bela Lugosi serving as a lieutenant in the Austro-Hungarian army in WWI, 1914.
The Russian mystic Rasputin is shown at a Ghorokhovo street flat in Saint Petersburg, Russian Empire, 1914.
People in front of Buckingham Palace after the declaration of war 1914
Archduke Franz Ferdinand with his wife on the day they were assassinated by Gavrilo Princip in Sarajevo, June 28, 1914. The assassination that sparked WWI.
Ahmed Ali Chalikten or Ahmed Ali Al-Arabi, the first pilot in the world of African origin, was in the ranks of the Ottoman army during the First World War in 1914.
A chest X-ray in progress at Dr. Maxime Menard’s radiology department at the Cochin hospital in Paris, France circa 1914. Mendard would later lose his finger to side effects from operating the X-ray machine.
Mexican revolutionary General Francisco "Pancho" Villa rides with his men during the Mexican Revolution (1914)
Mukpie, a Point Barrow Eskimo girl, youngest person aboard and one of the survivors of the S.S. Karluk Canadian-Arctic (Stefansson) Expedition, Alaska. 1914
The Kaiser's declaration of war against Great Britain being read by the military authorities. Berlin, Germany, 4 August 1914.
In Protest of WW1, the Irish Citizen Army hung a banner reading ‘We Serve neither King nor Kaiser But Ireland!’ outside their HQ Liberty Hall in Dublin, 1914.
Franz Joseph of Austria (born 1830) with his great-grandnephew Otto von Habsburg, the latter died in 2012. taken in 1914.
French Dragoons and Chasseurs on their way to the western front, 1914
British soldiers arrive to assist Japanese troops in capturing the German-held Tsingtao, China, c. 1914
Nicholas II on the balcony of the Winter Palace declaring war on Germany after Germany declared war on Russia 1914
Robert Douglas Spedden with his beloved stuffed polar bear a few months before his death, 1914. The boy who became sadly known for surviving the sinking of the Titanic at age six, only to die three years later in a car accident.
On this day, in 1914, a 25 year old Austrian man named Adolf Hitler enlists to fight in the German Army. By the time the war is over, he will earn two iron crosses.
Ahmet Ali Çelikten, He was the first black fighter pilots in history, serving for the Ottoman empire during WWI. c. 1914
Gavrilo Princip, after the arrest, Sarajevo, 28.06.1914.
Eruption of Mt. Sakurajima, Japan, 1914.
Elephant mounted with a M1895 Colt-Browning machine gun, WWI, c. 1914-18
A family in rue du Pot-de-Fer, Paris, four days before the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Original color Autochrome by Albert Kahn, June 24, 1914
A little French girl with Sikh soldiers in Paris, France in 1914 during World War I
1914: Panama Canal before completion.
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