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Indian Soldiers arriving in France, World War I, 1914 ( 1600 * 1169 )
An Australian soldier playing with his pet kangaroo in front of the pyramids, Egypt, 1914
The original Moulin Rouge the year before it burned down – Paris, France (1914)
Russian Imperial family - circa 1914.
"The Last Hussar" August von Mackensen,German field marshal in World War I, in Leib-Husaren-Regiment uniform, circa 1914
The Last Imperial Family of Russia. From left is Olga, Maria, Tsar Nicholas, Tsaritsa Alexandra, Anastasia, Alexei, and Tatiana, ca. 1914.
Young Ottoman officers in Istanbul (1914)
Crowd in Berlin celebrating start of war, they holding portraits of German Emperor Wilhelm and Austro-Hungarian Emperor Franz Joseph, August 1914
Another image found in my Great, Great Grandparents old hatbox. Selby High Street - off to War (Circa 1914)
Grigori Rasputin with his followers, Russia, 1914
In 1914, Chester MacDuffee constructed the first suit with ball bearings, as the medium to provide movement to a joint. The suit was tested in New York in 214 feet of water.
"The Last Hussar" August von Mackensen,German field marshal in World War I, in Leib-Husaren-Regiment uniform, circa 1914
British and German Soldiers Shown Fraternizing in No-Man's Land on the Western Front, throughout the Unofficial Christmas Truce (Christmas Day, 1914)
Arjan Singh, a Sikh residing in Argentina who travelled to the United Kingdom shortly after the outbreak of the First World War to join the army, 1914. .
New York during a blizzard in 1914.
A family in a Toronto slum, 1914
Austrian soldier testing out an experimental anti-aircraft gun made from ten pistols, likely 1914-16
Japanese aviator, 1914
2 British warships (probably battlecruiser and cruiser) and 2 Austro-Hungarian dreadnought battleships in foreground (Tegetthoff class) anchored together at Smyrna harbor (now Izmir, Turkey), April 1914, only 3 months before ww1
World War I. French cuirassiers leaving Paris for the front lines, August 1914.
Archduke Franz Ferdinand and wife hours before their assassination, which started WWI. June 28 1914
Japanese troops tries to pass through a wire entanglement during fighting with German forces in Tsingtao, China (November 1914)
Sigmund Freud with his sons, Ernst and Martin, who served in the Austro-Hungarian Army in WWI c. 1914
Christmas in the German trenches during World War 1, 1914
A horse-drawn carriage during a New York City winter blizzard. 1914.
Gavrilo Princip as he has been arrested by the Austro-Hungarian police 1914
Archduke Franz Ferdinand talking with religious figures (Orthodox, Catholic and Muslim) in Sarajevo shortly before assassination, June 1914
The first ship to pass through the Panama Canal, the US steamer SS Ancon, in the process of leaving the West Chamber of the Upper Gatun Locks of that Canal; 1914-August-15th; .
Soldiers of the BEF with horses, heading to the front. 1914. .
King George V at Buckingham Palace in 1914, shortly before the outbreak of war.
German soldiers generate power with pedals to inflate an observation balloon, France 1914.
Archduke Franz Ferdinand with his wife on the day they were assassinated by Gavrilo Princip, June 28, 1914
Elephant-mounted machine-gun, 1914
Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife on the 28th of June 1914, the day they were assassinated
Queen Marie of Romania and her daughter princess Ileana at Peleș Castle, 1914
Prince Ferdinand of Romania, Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and King Carol I of Romania in Constanta, Romania during the last visit abroad for the Romanov family, 1914 (colorized)
Scottish Piper in a Kilt, going over a trench during World War 1, 1914-18
French soldiers in front of the Parisian metro. (1914) This is was taken in color and it's from one most ambitious photographic project of all time. More details in the comments
Elin Wägner standing next to roughly 350,000 signatures demanding women get the right to vote. Sweden 1914
WW1 German General August von Mackensen in 1914. Colourised.
Aerial view of Austrian armored cruiser SMS Kaiser Karl VI under shelling (close miss) by Montenegrin coastal batteries, ww1, 1914
Couple walking on the Streets of New York City, 1914 autochrome
One of the few existing World War I photographs showing attacking troops from their front. Russian infantry charging a German or Austrian trench across no-man's-land. Just started taking casualties when photo taken. Autumn 1914.
Painter Of The Brooklyn Bridge,1914
Grand Duchess Maria, 1914
Member of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders at Stirling Castle before being deployed to Flanders, 1914
Eruption of Sakurajima volcano, the most powerful in twentieth-century Japan, with Kagoshima, Japan in foreground, 1914
Christmas Day, 1914. England vs Germany in No Man’s Land— the beautiful game!
A man getting a Christmas tree in December 1914, less than 5 months after the start of World War 1. Photograph taken in London, England.
A young French boy introduces himself to Indian soldiers in Marseilles on 30th September 1914.
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