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Stalin in Bailov Prison, Baku, Azerbaijan, March 1910.
Two students hanging out in their college dorm room at the University of Illinois, 1910.
The Pennsylvania Coal Company mining crew in 1910.
a Congolese man next to an Okapi, somewhere in the Congo River Basin. circa 1910
Mentally ill patients in England, 1910
A summers day, 112 years ago. Autochrome taken by Paul Bergon c.1910
Hermann Rorschach from 1910, around the same time he was developing the ink blot tests that would go on to bear his name.
A soldier trying to ride a Zebra in German East Africa,1910
These all work in Hosiery Mills, Cleveland, Tennessee, 1910. by Lewis Hine
This woman’s portrait was taken by Gainesville, GA photographer Nathan C. White, circa 1901-1910. From my glass negative collection.
This man’s portrait was taken by Gainesville, GA photographer Nathan C. White, circa 1901-1910. Quite the dapper dresser. From my glass negative collection.
Palestinian gipsy couple near of Jerusalem circa 1910.
Tokugawa Yoshinobu, the former Shogun of Japan as a member of the House of Peers, 1910. .
Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who was in France to watch military maneuvers, in Saint-Étienne, 28 September 1910
Marie Curie in her Paris laboratory in 1910.
Empress Maria Feodorovna of Russia, King George I of Greece, Queen Alexandra of the United Kingdom, King Frederick VIII of Denmark (all siblings) 1910
On October 11, 1910, Theodore Roosevelt became the first (former) president to fly in an aircraft when he was briefly flown in a Wright Model B by Arch Hoxsey at an aviation meet in St. Louis, Missouri .
A 1910 photo of a truck driver. This truck driver’s photo was taken in 1910. Location unknown. What a great photo. From my glass negative collection.
Crown prince Wilhelm and princess Victoria Louise, both children of Kaiser Wilhelm II, posing in hussar uniforms. 1910's
Austro-Hungarian officers at the shooting range with Roth–Steyr M1907 pistol, first semi-automatic pistol to be adopted into service by a major land power, 1910
Kaiser Wilhelm II and Theodore Roosevelt, 1910
Agatha Christie roller skates with friends on the pier at Torquay, Devon circa 1910
African Mexican children photographed in 1910
Welcome ceremony for Emperor Franz Joseph to town of Doboj, recently annexed province of Bosnia & Herzegovina, 1910
First Actor To Earn A Million Dollars, Mary Pickford. She co-founded Pickford–Fairbanks Studios and United Artists. Was one of the earliest stars to be billed under her own name. (1910 c)
The 9 Kings of Europe gather for the first and only time at the funeral of King Edward VII in London. May 20th, 1910.
Newsboy Louis Birchd, 12, at the start of his shift. Louis stayed out until 12:30 every night to support his widowed mother and went with his brother, Stanley, who was a messenger, on all calls because Stanley was afraid of being alone on the street at night, Wilmington, Delaware , 1910.
The Tiger Hotel, a 150-room hotel with the railway running through the main lobby. Burke, ID. Circa 1910.
New York City mayor, William Jay Gaynor, moments after being shot in the neck. Aug 9, 1910
May 20, 1910: The Nine Kings Of Europe Photographed Together For The First And Only Time
Authochrome colour photograph, 1910's
Long Beach, California, 1910,
A horse-powered bus in Paris (1910) by Eugène Atget
The last survivors of Giuseppe Garibaldi's "Thousand" gathered in Bergamo fifty years later, 1910
An Indian soldier sharing his ration with refugees in France during World War 1, 1910's
Nine of the most powerful men in the world in the year 1910
Nine monarchs at the funeral of Edward VII, 1910. Standing are Haakon VII of Norway, Ferdinand of Bulgaria, Manuel II of Portugal, Wilhelm II of Germany, George I of Greece and Albert I of Belgium. Seated are Alfonso XIII of Spain, George V of the UK, and Frederick VIII of Denmark.
Jennie Camillo, 8 years old, Cranberry picker (Pemberton, New Jersey) Photo taken by Lewis W. Hine in Sept. 27, 1910
The Weavers Triangle, Burnley Lancashire, 1910. The town's cotton mills at their peak of their prosperity with 99,000 power looms in operation.
Kaiser Wilhelm II. with President Roosevelt 1910
Athens in 1910,Frederick Boissonnas
Statue of a Gargoyle. on the Notre-Dame Cathedral, in the capital city Paris, (Third French Republic) France, 1910.
Bavarian boy enjoying his camera, circa 1910
Mustafa Kemal -The Future Founder of the Turkish Republic- at Paris, dressed in civilian clothes (1910) (He is the one next to the man with light clothes)
Prince George of Wales (later George V) with Tsar Nicholas II, Tsarevich Alexei and Prince Edward of Wales (later the Duke of Windsor) at Cowes, 1910.
Finnish women pictured by the Pyramid of Khafre in Egypt, late 1910 (Colorized)
A German colonial officer takes a leap on the back of a tamed zebra in East Africa, 1910
Harlem, NYC, NY (1910)
Noon hour at Obear-Nestor Glass Co., East St. Louis, Mo, May 1910. by Lewis Hine
Niles Beach - Gloucester, MA circa 1910 - Dry plate glass negative, Detroit Publishing Co.
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