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San Francisco's iconic Cliff House, shortly before it was destroyed by fire in 1907 .
A British blacksmith removing the leg irons off a slave, 1907.
Stoney First Nation member, guide Samson Beaver with his wife Leah and their daughter Frances Louise, 1907. Photo taken by Mary Schäffer.
Annette Kellerman promotes women's right to wear a fitted one-piece bathing. She was arrested for indecency. (1907)
Teddy Roosevelt's 1907 hunting guide Ben Lilly.
Maud Stevens Wagner the first known female tattoo artist in the United States. 1907
The shackles of a slave being cut by a blacksmith after Slavery was outlawed is most of the known world. The person was rescued off the coast of Oman, 1907.
Air pollution, Tyne River, Gateshead UK, c. 1907 near the High Bridge arch.
A woman, some men and some boys watch San Francisco’s Cliff House Hotel burn down on the evening of September 7th, 1907
San Francisco's iconic Cliff House, shortly before it was destroyed by fire in 1907 .
President Theodore Roosevelt addressing a crowd of people from the back of a train during a political rally, 1907.
Great wall of China, 1907.
An original autochrome colour photo taken by Alfred Stieglitz, United States, 1907. The photo is not colourised.
Maud Stevens Wagner - the first known female tattoo artist in the United States (1907)
Steam hauled commuter train, Portugal, 1970. Due to financial concerns and their unique suitability for narrow gauge railroads, steam locomotives persisted in day-to-day commercial service in Portugal into the 1980s. The locomotive here entered service in 1907.
Mountain Jews from the Quba District of Azerbaijan in 1883. Photo by Seidlitz Nikolai Karlovich (1831-1907)
Gheorghe (Ioryi) Mucitani, leader of the first Aromanian band in the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization (1903-1907)
A photograph of the Great Wall of China in 1907
Cattlemen survey 700 carcasses of cattle that were killed overnight by a poisonous weed in Australia in 1907
Men are held in the “debtors’ prison” inside the Bukhara dungeon. Bukharans who owed either taxes to the government or money to other people were held in the prison but allowed out to work until they had repaid their debts. Bukhara, Uzbekistan, The Russian Empire 1907
The Negro Development & Exposition Company building - Richmond, Virginia, 1907. Est. by Giles B. Jackson - this company invested in exhibitions and artefacts that educated the world on Black contributions to America's business economy, culture, inventions and more since the 1600s.
The Cliff House hotel burns. Year 1907.
Mark Twain 1907. Colourised by Me.
King Edward VII, Kaiser Wilhelm II, King Alfonso XIII and their wives 1907
Stalin at the funeral of his first wife, November 25, 1907
Anti-Japanese guerrillas in Korea, 1907 (2171X1149)
Two Men Playing Chess (Alfred Stieglitz, 1907, Autochrome process)
King Njoya of Bamum (Cameroon, West-Central Africa) wearing an imperial German uniform, 1907
Portrait of Lucille, a Dakota Native American, circa 1907
Construction work on the Culebra Cut, section of the Panama Canal, 1907. During its construction, some 27 million kg of dynamite were used and 76 million cubic meters of material were removed .
Masses in the steerage, 1907
Tsarevich Alexei Nikolaevich Romanov playing with kittens on the Imperial Yacht "Standart," 1907
Canmonpatoankantuya, also known as James High Pipe. Sioux. 1907. Photo by De Lancey W. Gill.
Logging drivers near Glens Falls, New York, on the Hudson River, 1907
A photograph of German Emperor Kaiser Wilhelm II and Winston Churchill side by side - Breslau, 1907.
Schwabenkinder (Swabian Children) in Arnach, Württemberg, Germany (1907). I put a small explanation in the comments. I was too long for title (more than 300 characters).
King Edward VII with his younger brother, Prince Arthur, and nephew, Kaiser Wilhelm II hunting at Windsor 1907
Excavation of the Lion Capital of Ashoka at Ramapurva, Bihar, India in 1907
Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin congratulating Louis Trousselier at Metz, then part of the German Empire in the Tour de France 1907
Stoney First Nation Member, Guide Samson Beaver With His Wife Leah And Their Daughter Frances Louise, 1907. (Photo Taken By Mary Schäffer)
Logging drivers near Glens Falls, New York, on the Hudson River, 1907.
An SPD party school, among them are Rosa Luxemburg, August Bebel (both standing) and future President of Germany Friedrich Ebert 1907
Queen Victoria of Spain, King Edward VII, Empress Auguste Victoria, Kaiser Wilhelm II, Queen Alexandra, Queen Amalie of Portugal, King Alfonso XIII, and Queen Maud meeting in London in 1907
King Edward VII with his brother, Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught and Strathearn, and nephew, Kaiser Wilhelm II at Windsor Castle 1907 Photo: Royal Collections Trust
Qiu Jin, a notorious Anti-Qing revolutionary, crossdresser, and feminist poet, who was later martyred by the Qing government in 1907
Column of tenants demonstrating with brooms for the increase in room rents. Buenos Aires, 1907
Tsar Nicholas II in a German Admiral's uniform & Kaiser Wilhelm II in a Russian Admiral's uniform on SMS Deutschland, 5 August 1907
George McJunkin, about 1907
Social whitening in Brazil. Francisco Glicério, mixed-race Republican leader (son of a former slave and a white man), with his white wife and white daughter, 1907. All of his descendants married into white families.
Miners carrying a body out of a mine on a wooden plank. West Virginia USA, 1907
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