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Visiting quarantined family and friends at Ullevål Hospital, Oslo - Photo by Anders Beer Wilse - 1905
Russian prisoners of war during the 1904-1905 Russo-Japanese War, at a POW camp in Japan - 1900s
Russian infantry positioned on a hill in Manchuria during the Russo-Japanese War, 1905
A spy for the Russian Army being beheaded by Japanese troops on the outskirts of Kaiyuan during the Russo-Japanese War, c. March 1905
Italian/French explorer Pierre de Brazza, 1852-1905. Noted for the, at the time, rare humanity with which he treated Africans. In his honor, the Republic of Congo kept Brazzaville as its capital's name after gaining independence.
Sioux Chiefs in 1905
Japanese nurse dressed in black during the Russo-Japanese War, hand-colored postcard, c. 1905
The Sagrada Família in 1905, it is still being built today
Red Hawk, an Oglala warrior, sitting on a horse that is drinking from a small pond in the Badlands of North Dakota (circa 1905)
A young woman of the Ouled Nail tribe, Algeria, c. 1905
Russian soldiers in a Gaoliang field. Russo-Japanese war, 1904-1905. Photo taken by Prokudin-Gorsky.
Traveling salesman in Forreston, Texas. Circa 1905. (1576X953)
A woman in motorcycling clothing, France, 1905
Brother and sister after having been successfully processed at the Ellis Island Immigration Center and now awaiting transportation to Manhattan to begin their new Life in America. 1905 (Library of Congress)
Princess Olga Orlova in masquerade costume for the ball, 1905 .
Charles Banks, c. 1905, in the library of his Mound Bayou estate, Mississippi. Once a town famed for boasting the most millionaires in the Delta, Banks owned The Bank of Mound Bayou as well as the Oil Mill and Manufacturing Co.
Italian immigrants arriving at Ellis Island (Circa 1905) [564x564)
A woman standing in the frozen Mississippi river, St. louis, Missouri, taken in February 1905.
Girls' playground. Harriet Island, Saint Paul, Minnesota, 1905.
Impoverished New York children play near a dead horse, 1905 (Colorized by me)
Leon Trotsky aka Lev Davidovich Bronstein (1879 -1940), revolutionary and political theorist. The mugshots were taken at St. Petersburg police station after Trotsky was arrested for helping to organise the failed Russian Revolution of 1905. He was exiled to Siberia (again) but escaped.
(Colorization) Italian immigrants in Ellis Island, New York. Photo was taken by photographer and sociologist Lewis Hine in 1905
116 years ago today: George Hackenschmidt defeats Tom Jenkins on May 4th, 1905, becoming the first recognized World Champion in American Professional Wrestling.
Spectators watch horse diving event at Pueblo, Colorado on July 4, 1905
Tattoos by Britain's first tattooist, Sutherland Macdonald, 1905
Bombay, 1905
A young Norris Bumstead Herndon - sole heir to one of America's then-wealthiest Black business dynasties - in his office, c. 1920s. In 1927 he became President of the Atlanta Life Insurance Co. founded by his father in 1905. It continues today.
Tsar Nicholas II. with his cousin Kaiser Wilhelm II. on a ship 1905
The galley onboard the "SS Africa" passenger ship at around 1905.
Russian prisoners of war during the Russo-Japanese War, at the Dōgo Onsen hot spring building in Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture, Japan - 1904/1905
Troops from the Imperial Russian Army in St. Petersburg, 1905.
This is the other photo of Chicago & Eastern Illinois railroad station in Perrysville, Indiana, circa 1905. This is the back of the train station and they are working to move it back to accommodate another track. From my glass negative collection.
Prince Carl of Denmark, future King Haakon VII of Norway with his wife Maud of Wales, photo taken ca. 1896-1905
Franz Joseph von Habsburg-Lorraine, Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary, 1905
The Detroit River - 1905
‘The Snow Sweeper’ by Netta Peacock. St Petersburg c.1905
Kaiser Wilhelm II. with his cousin Tsar Nicholas II. in 1905
Victor and Alberta, two children from the Danish West Indies brought to Denmark to be exhibited in a colonial exhibition in 1905
Russian Machine Crew Under General Mishchenko Russo-Japanese War 1905
Cutting Pork Hams and Shoulders - SWIFT Company - Chicago 1905
Tsarevich Alexei Nikolaevich Of Russia on a pleasant picnic day, 1905. (In reference to his 117th birthday)
Watchman of Mars Percival Lowell with staff at his observatory in 1905.
Original wrestling world champion Stanisław Cyganiewicz around 1905
'The Royal Travelling Lounge' pictured in April 1905. This was essentially the London Coliseum Theatre's own internal railway; it was used for transporting VIPs between the foyer and the royal box.
Wright brothers 1905 - 6804 x 4077 - Colored by me.
View of the Giza Pyramids and the Great Sphinx during the solar eclipse, August 30, 1905. Photo: Gabriel Lekegian
Kansas (BB-21)Battleship 8-25-1905
Marie Curie in her laboratory, 1905. Curie, a two-time Nobel prize winner, discovered polonium and radium, championed the use of radiation in medicine and changed our understanding of radioactivity. She died as a result of radiation exposure
Old time printer at a foot press, NYC, 1905 - by Lewis Hine.
Pah Toi - Taos Native Indian, 1905 (Colorized by me!)
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