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Navajo riders in the Canyon de Chelly, Arizona. 1904, photo taken by Edward Curtis.
Aftermath of The Great Fire of Toronto in 1904
A Navajo smile. 1904, Photo by Edward Curtis
Author Jack London, circa 1904. Photo by Arnold Genthe
A Congolese father unable to meet his rubber harvest quota gazes at the severed hands and feet of his five-year-old daughter.1904.
The inhabitants of a huge house in Hamburg, 1904
Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt 1904 - Photo: 3013 x 3630 - Colorized By Me.
A Navajo man wearing a Ceremonial mask and Dress of Nayenezgani - photo by Edward S. Curtis c. 1904
Prince Mikeladzy, chief of the Russian gendarmes, on his round below one of the forts. taken in Port Arthur during Russo-Japanese war, c. 1904
The first riders of the New York subway system on opening day. 27 October 1904.
Korean boatman. 1904.
A Navajo smile, 1904. Photo by Edward Curtis.
seven Navajo riders on horseback, Canyon de Chelly. taken by Edward S. Curtis in 1904.
Ainu people from the Japanese island of Hokkaido, 1904
Kaiser Wilhelm II with Prince Friedrich "Fritzi" Eduard zu Fürstenberg 1904
Japanese soldiers conducting a funeral ceremony with military honors for a Russian Army captain at Antung, China (present day Dandong, China), during the 1904-05 Russo-Japanese War - 1900s
The real Peaky Blinders gang of Birmingham, England, 1904
Cuban Marathoner Félix Carbajal, 1904. On his way to the Olympics he lost his money gambling in New Orleans. He walked and hitchhiked to St. Louis, arriving just before the race. A fellow runner trimmed his pants. Carbajal finished fourth.
Nsala stares at the foot and hand of his 5 year old daughter Boali in the Congo Free State, 14th May 1904
Kaiser Wilhelm II and Winston Churchill watching maneuvers in Breslau/Wroclaw 1904
Woman standing in front of an inscription honoring the constructor of a road near the Iron Gates, Danube River, 1904
This is a Postcard of the Steamer "General Slocum" Disaster of June 15, 1904.
Maine-class pre-dreadnought battleship USS Ohio (BB-12) drydocked at Hunter's Point, San Francisco, California, on 19 July 1904.
Conservative Member of Parliament for Oldham, Winston Churchill (1874 - 1965) at the age of thirty, 1904.
Dagestani man with a military medal wearing traditional dress and headgear, Russian empire, taken around 1904 by Sergey Prokudin-Gorsky. (originally in color)
Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) - Logavina, 1904.
Emperor Nicholas Romanov II of Russia, his wife Empress Alexandra, daughters Grand Duchesses Olga, Tatiana, Maria, & Anastasia and son Tsarevich Alexei on the occasion of Alexei's Christening - 1904
Young buddhist monks on the steps of their temple holding the temple's horns in Tibet (1903 or 1904)
Margaret Leadbitter, aged 12, arrested for larceny (theft) of three bedsheets, a pillow case, and several other household articles. 16th August 1904
Excavation of the Oseberg Viking ship in Norway in 1904 . Two women were found buried in it with lavish grave goods, who they were is still a mystery. Ship built around 830 AD.
Tsar Nicholas II blessing Russian troops before their march east. Russo-Japanese war, 1904.
The Liberty Bell arrives at the St. Louis World's Fair accompanied by members of the Philadelphia Police Department on Liberty Bell Day at the Fair - June 8, 1904 - Missouri Historical Society
The Boulé - or Sigma Pi Phi. Est. 1904 by businessmen in Philadelphia, the secret society rapidly became - and remains - one of the most elite Black 'Old Boys' organizations in the world. Today chapters exist from the UK to The Bahamas.
Revolutionary War veteran Marcus Rickman received a 640 acre land grant in Tennessee for his service in the North Carolina militia. He built this log cabin in the 1780s. Photo of the cabin (panel siding and porch had since been added) and his descendants + their nanny taken in ~1904.
Apache leader Geronimo driving a Ford automobile in 1904.
Portrait of a boy sitting in grass, circa 1904. Photo taken by William Bullard in Worcester, Massachusetts. Bullard, like N. C. White and Hugh Magnum, photographed people from all walks of life regardless of social status or race. Photo provided by Frank Morrill from his collection.
T.C. Benbow in his 'METEOR' at the 1904 Saint Louis World's Fair - October 25, 1904
Len Tau - South African track and field athlete during the Boer War Exhibition at the St Louis World's Fair of the 1904 Summer Olympics. A veteran of the Second Boer War, having served as a despatch runner for Boer General Piet Cronje. Also Prisoner-of-war on Saint Helena.
Kaiser Wilhelm II and King Edward VII (both in the uniforms of an Admiral of the Fleet of the Royal Navy) in Kiel 1904
Japanese women karayuki-san prostitutes in British Singapore, 1904. Meiji & Taishō era Japan exported hundreds of thousands of Japanese girls as karayukisan prostitutes to China, Australia, US, Canada & western colonies in Asia & Kenya to provide sex to male Chinese coolies & western troops
Russian Navy battleship Petropavlovsk explodes after striking a Japanese naval mine, during the Battle of Port Arthur in the Russo-Japanese War. 679 personnel were killed in the sinking, including Vice Admiral Stepan Makarov, commander of the Russian Naval Squadron in Port Arthur - 1904
King Edward VII, Kaiser Wilhelm II, the Prince Albert I of Monaco with entourage 1904
A young George Smith Patton, Jr. in 1903-1904.
“Happy New Year 1904”. colonial postcard from Belgian Congo.
Historical uniforms used by Austrian heavy cavalry (Cuirassiers) in 1721, 1760 and 1860 (photo from 1904)
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