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Tsar Nicholas II kissing his wife Alexandra Feodorovna, ca. 1890's
Robert McGee, scalped as a child by Sioux Indians. 1890.
Portrait of Caucasian nobleman from Imeretia Ovalyani, taken in the studio of photographer Ermakov, Tbilisi, Georgia around 1890
Paris in 1890
Candid Street Photography pioneered by Carl Størmer, Oslo, 1890
A father and son in Istanbul, Ottoman Empire, c. 1890. (originally in color)
Stagecoach crossing a bridge near Silverton, Colorado (1890’s)
A Zulu warrior and his wives (1890)
Cheyenne man, Bird Wild Hog, also known as Hedge Hog, 1890.
Inuk man wars his wife feet. Greenland, 1890's
Tsar Nikolai II Alexandrovich Romanov, 1890
A patient undergoing a treatment for her mental illness (Germany,1890)
Hidden reliefs at the foot of the Borobudur temple on the island of Java revealed, 1890,
Six sumo wrestlers, circa 1890
This is how the system of 5 000 telephone lines in Stockholm looked like in 1890.
Menelik II, emperor of Ethiopia, 1890's.
The Krupp Company Works in Essen, situated in the Ruhr area of Imperial Germany, 1890 .
A patient undergoing treatment for mental illness, Germany 1890 (720×896)
These sister’s photo was taken somewhere in Arkansas, circa 1890-1910s. This was a lot of restorative work, but I think it turned out great. From my glass negative collection.
I didn't like any of the colorized versions of Nikola Tesla I could find, so I restored and colored my own, circa 1890.
LAPD officers with Winchester rifles in Los Angeles, c. 1890
Execution by cannon in Iran, 1890
A new favorite of mine. This photo is so captivating. It was taken by South Dakota photographer, John Johnson, circa 1890-1900s. From my glass negative collection. (colorization) link to original in the comments.
Whale and the Whaler, São Miguel, Azores 1890
The beach with North Pier, Blackpool, England circa 1890
A Victorian couple and their master pose for a family photo. 1890's
River barges and house boats on the River Seine, in the capital city of Paris, France (Third French Republic), during the Belle Époque (beautiful era), c. 1890.
Bay City Wheelmen, 30 March 1890.
This girl was photographed by South Dakota photographer, John Johnson, circa early 1890-1900s. She has quite the head of hair. From my glass negative collection. (colorized) Original in the comments.
Post mortem photo of a dog with his family (circa 1890)
Saloon in Manitowoc , Wisconsin note the child sized beer. Circa 1890
A Corporal of the 9th USCC near Denver, Colorado, USA - 1890
This young girl’s photo was taken somewhere in Pennsylvania, circa 1890-1900s. Quite the hat. From my glass negative collection.
Robert McGee, scalped as a child in 1864 by Sioux Chief Little Turtle, circa 1890
Isoko Asabuki, Japanese Tennis Star, 1890
Aboriginal Ainu couple, Hokkaido, Japan, circa 1890.
Mrs Walsh Wearing A Kinsale Cloak, Kilrossanty, County Waterford, Ireland Circa 1890
William F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody and his Indian Wild West show cast members in Venice, Italy, April 1890
Interior hallway of Nidaros Cathedral (Trondheim, Norway 1880-1890)
Postcard of a peanut vendor wearing a suit made of peanuts in circa 1890. It is from a photograph by Henry H. Buehman of Tucson, Arizona.
Massager man, He massages another person in the public bathroom, Tehran - Iran, Photograph dated : 1890,
Jacob White Eyes, Iron Tail and Buffalo Bill Cody at Caffè Greco in Rome during Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show tour in Europe back in 1890.
Photochrom of Jews in Jerusalem, 1890's
The Market Town of Oundle, England, 1890
Queen Alexandra with her dogs 1890-1900s
A photochrome of the Grand Canal in Venice by moonlight, Italy, 1890.
The Harvard Computers, the group of women computers and astronomer, who worked for the astronomer Edward Charles Pickering. 1890.
A mother and son, Lisdoonvarna, County Clare, Ireland, 1890
Meet Walter and Elmer Mitchell and their dog Tony. This photos taken by South Dakota photographer, John Johnson, circa early 1890-1900s. I think Tony steals the show. From my glass negative collection. (colorized) Original in the comments.
A peanut vendor from 1890, wearing a suit made of peanuts.
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