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Firefighters battle a blaze in Montreal, 1889.
Villagers from Svaneti, Northern Georgia (Transcaucasia) 1889
The members of the National League's around the world tour in 1888-89, pose on the Great Sphinx in Giza, Egypt, for a portrait in February of 1889.
Father Damien or Saint Damien of Molokai weeks before his death. Father Damien was a Roman Catholic priest whose patronage were people with leprosy, 1889.
Boy from Svaneti, in the Mountains of Northern Georgia (Transcaucasia) 1889
Menelik II of Ethiopia in his coronation robes, approx 1889.
São Cristóvão Palace 1887 was used by the Brazilian imperial family from 1822 to 1889
A team picture of the Rideau Hall Rebels, one of the first amateur hockey teams, formed by young Canadian parliamentarians in Ottawa. (Picture from either 1888 or 1889). Included in this picture are two sons of the then Governor General, Lord Stanley, for whom the Stanley Cup is named.
The Deadwood Coach - photo by John C.H. Grabill - 1889
Otto von Bismarck with members of the Reichstag, 1889
Otto von Bismarck and members of the Reichstag 1889
The Reichstag podium with the President of the Reichstag, von Levetzow at the top middle seat, 1889
The daughters of Emperor Frederick III and Victoria, Princess Royal: Princess Margaret, Princess Sophie (later Queen of Greece), Princess Victoria, and Princess Charlotte (later Duchess of Saxe-Meiningen) 1889
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