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The discovery of an ancient Maya statue deep within the jungles of Honduras, 1885.
A Hookah Cafe in Istanbul, Ottoman Empire - 1885
Women from Three Different Countries Training to Become Doctors at Women's Medical College of Philadelphia in 1885: Dr. Anandibai Joshee was from India, Dr. Kei Okami was from Japan, and Dr. Sabat Islambouli was from Syria
Ba Cluth (Roaming Coyote), Chiricahua Apache-1885
A group of convicts sentenced to hard labor in Siberia by the Tsarist Government, 1885. Photo taken by George Kennan.
Each woman in this 1885 photograph, was the first licensed female doctor in her respective country (India, Japan, and Syria)
The unpacking of the Statue of Liberty's head in the New York harbor, NY on June 17th, 1885.
Statue of Liberty is Ready for Export,1885
1885, John Slaughter & his cowboys.Texas Ranger during the Civil War before becoming a cattle businessman, Texas John Slaughter opened his final ranch near Douglas, Arizona.
Telegraph station in Humboldt, Saskatchewan, circa 1885
Colorized photo of Tsar Nicolas Romanov II and several others including his wife in 1885.
c.1885, The Seven Sutherland Sisters (540 x 405 px)
The dissembled pieces of the statue of liberty arriving in New York Harbor, Onboard the French frigate Isère(ship with the white hull), June 17, 1885.
The last photo of Ulysses S. Grant, reading a newspaper on the porch of his cottage in Mount McGregor, New York, 4 days before his death in 1885.
Empress Augusta with her husband Wilhelm I 1885
Texas Rangers - Unofficially formed by Stephen Austin in 1823 and officially organized in 1835, the Texas Rangers has a storied history of tracking down fugitives and protecting the border. This circa 1885-88 cabinet card is an excellent photo of Company “F” of the Frontier Battalion
Travelling musicians with monkey in Taplow in Buckinghamshire, England 1885
Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria-Hungary in 1885. 4 years later he commited suicide together with his lover at Mayerling
Harvesting a wheat field ( Moama, NSW) glass plate negative approx. 1885 1024x776
Empress Augusta with her husband Kaiser Wilhelm I 1885
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