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Australian outlaw Ned Kelly in 1880, the day before his execution.
Female Nigerian slave trader Efunroye Tinubu (c. 1880)
The manuscript draft of the Karamazov Brothers by Fyodor Dostoyevski, 1880.
Picture of Palais Garnier in 1880
Chinese Opium smokers in 1880
The Raczyński Palace at Königsplatz, the place where the Reichstag Building was built, with the Brandenburg Gate to the right and in the background, the rest of Berlin 1880
Wall street back in 1880
Man sitting on a dead horse, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, C. 1880.
A girl playing the chapey. Cambodia, around 1880
Apsáalooke peoples, delegation to Washington, 1880
The Statue of Liberty being constructed in France prior to transportation to the United States, circa 1880
Kaiser Wilhelm I at his study, on his desk is a portrait of his former lover Elisa Radziwiłł, taken around 1880
Photo of a Nauruan warrior in the Nauruan Civil War around 1880.
A woman holds her friend's coat to anchor her on a cliff as she looks down into the Grand Canyon from a snowy outcrop, 1880.
Cologne Cathedral under construction, 1880, German Empire
Fool Thunder and his family, Hunkpapa Lakota, 1880.
The last Chinese dynasty, the Qing dynasty, photographed by Thomas Child. The people in the photo are Zeng Jifen and Nie ji Gui posing for their wedding portrait. Peking (Now Beijing), 1870-1880's.
Rain-In-The-Face - Warchief of the Lakota - Fought at the battle of Little Bighorn - 1880
Bearded Otto Von Bismarck, 1880’s-90’s
Martha Jane Cannary "Calamity Jane" - American frontierswoman and performer in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show - c.1880
Last photo of Fyodor Dostoevsky, 1880.
This is a fantastic photo of a woman in a field. I just love the composition of this photo. Taken circa 1880-1890s. Unknown provenance. Negative bought from a Rhode Island seller. From my glass negative collection.
Solider from the tiny Pacific island nation of Nauru during the Nauruan Civil War, 1880
Salvaging girders from the Tay Bridge after the Tay Bridge Disaster, Scotland, 1880
Telegraph Messengers posing with their High Wheelers - one an Ordinary and the other a Safety Bike - 1880
Fyodor Dostoevsky's manuscript draft of The Brothers Karamazov, 1880
Druze woman in Mount Lebanon, 1880-90
Buffalo Bill Cody Circa 1880
Man sitting on a dead horse, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, C. 1880.
An opium den in Bengal Circa 1880
John Oscar Sherman, was an American congressman and senator from Ohio, between 1865 and 1880 (498×600)
1880-22yo Theodore Roosevelt-Harvard University
This is a great photo of this couple, taken circa 1880-1890s. Imagine what life was like for this couple. They lived through the Civil War and many other events in history. I don’t know where this photo was taken. From my glass negative collection.
The temple of Olympian Zeus in Athens, Greece, 1880.
A family portrait taken by the Child’s Art Gallery, circa 1880-1900s. What a brood. Check out the little girl’s hair. She was not interested in getting her photo taken. From my glass negative collection.
The knights hall in Pidhaitsi castle, West Ukraine in 1880. Filled with artifacts from the 1683 Battle of Vienna.
A group of Lezghi men from the village of Laza, situated in the Caucasus Mountains (now in modern-day Azerbaijan), circa. 1880.
The only known photo of Besarion Jughashvili, father of Joseph Stalin. Late 1870’s-early 1880’s.
Tân Phủ Thủ, governor of Hải Dương city. Vietnam, 1880
Exterior view of Ayasofya Camii (mosque), formerly the Church of Hagia Sophia, 1880.
Good Jesus Street, Recife (PE), Brazil, Circa 1880
Sitting Bull (Tatanka Iyotake), a Hunkpapa Lakota leader who led his people during years of resistance against U.S. government policies. Photo ca. 1880's.
This woman’s portrait was taken by the Child’s Art Gallery, circa 1880-1900s. Maybe a graduation. The surname on the negative is Bell. From my glass negative collection. (colorized) Original in the comments.
Excavating a Viking ship in Norway, 1880 . This 24 meter long warship might have belonged to a petty king from Vestfold. Check out the Game-changing history pod for a full walk through of the Viking age
New take on Billy’s famous pic by Philipe Tot Next to the original circa 1880. 1200x1200
British Army Gatling Guns in Afghanistan. (1879-1880)
The New-York Police Département 1880!
Kasuga-taisha shrine in Nara, 1880
What a great photo of the photographer standing in a clearing with his camera. I wonder what he was going to photograph. Taken circa 1880-1890s. Unknown provenance. From my glass negative collection.
A Chinese soup seller trading in Singapore, c. 1880.
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