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A man poses with a pile of lumber, Ontario, Canada, 1872.
The Main Plaza in San Antonio, Texas. Photographed in 1872, 36 years after the fall of the Alamo.
Last known photo of Napoleon III, Final French Monarch, 1872
Vincent van Gogh, in the only known photo of him, at 19 taken by Jacobus Marinus Wilhelmus de Louw in 1872
Victoria Woodhull. First woman to run for president, in 1872, with an unconsenting Frederick Douglass as her running mate. Woodhull was at various times a spiritual healer, a stockbroker, a women's rights advocate, a free love proponent, an author, and an editor.
Lower Basins in Yellowstone National Park, United States, 1872. Photo taken by William Henry Jackson.
Ruins of Nalanda University in 1872 (In India ). It was made in 5th Century. It contained 9 million books and was an international university. It was burned in 1197 century by Bhaktiyar Khilji(Turk invader).It was burning for 3 months continuously. Check the links below to know more
1872 wooden model of the German imperial (state) crown that was never actually made. The model itself disappeared during WW2.
Ned Buntline, Buffalo Bill Cody, Giuseppina Morlacchi, and Texas Jack Omohundro, the cast of the first western stage play, The Scouts of the Prairie, in 1872.
John Tunstall circa 1872
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