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Austrian soldiers posing in campaign dress during war against Denmark, 1864
George N. Barnard's 1864 photograph of a slave trader's business on Whitehall Street, Atlanta, Georgia, shows a United States Colored Troop Infantryman just by the door.
A group of Samurai went on a tourist tour in Egypt and took a photo in front of Sphinx, 1864
Unidentified Union officer at Point Lookout, Tennessee, sitting with cavalry saber in hand and slouch hat resting beside him on a rock, ca. 1864
Robert E. Lee, March 1864
Circassian people- from the 1860s. These warriors held off the Russian empire for 47 years. Many were ethnically cleansed after the Russian conquest in 1864.
Robert McGee, the man who was scalped as a child by native Americans 1864
John Wilkes Booth (left) dressed as Mark Antony in an 1864 play of Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar," whose assassination influenced him in killing Lincoln.
Queen Victoria with her grandchildren, Wilhelm II, Albert Victor, and Victoria of Hesse 1864 Credit: Royal Collection Trust
Robert McGee, one of the few people in American frontier history who got scalped and survived to tell the story (1864)
American General William T. Sherman on horseback at Federal Fort No. 7. Atlanta, 1864. Photo taken by George N. Barnard.
Japanese Samurai pose in front of the Sphinx. Ikeda Mission, Egypt, 1864. Photo taken by Antonio Beato.
Alexander Milliner, a drummer in George Washington's Life Guard, who participated in the battles of White Plains, Saratoga, Yorktown and others, 104 years old. One of the few veterans of the American Revolution who were alive in 1864. 1864, unknown location
Queen Victoria with then-Prince Wilhelm of Prussia, future German Kaiser 1864
Two very youthful Union Civil War soldiers, ca 1864.
Powder monkey on the U.S.S. New Hampshire, 1864.
Lemuel Cook, one of the last official veterans of the American Revolutionary War, enlisted in the 2nd Continental Light Dragoons of the Continental Army, photographed in 1864
Buffalo Bill Cody as an 18 year old Union soldier, 1864. He tried to enlist at 15, but was too young. His father, Isaac Cody, had died of knife wounds sustained while giving an anti-slavery speech in pre-war Kansas.
"Council of War". General Ulysses S. Grant (2nd from left on bench at center left), Gen. George G. Meade, Assistant Secretary of War Charles A. Dana, and numerous staff officers meet at Massaponax Church, in Virginia on May 21, 1864
John Wilkes Booth (left), with brothers Edwin and Junius in a production of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, 1864
Sergeant William Harvey Carney of the 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regt was awarded the Medal of Honor for heroic actions in battle during the Battle of Fort Wagner in 1864. Though wounded severely twice, he never allowed the U.S. Flag he was carrying to touch the ground.
(Then) President Abraham Lincoln standing in his office (now the Lincoln Bedroom) in 1864
Alexandra, Princess of Wales - 1864
The Supreme Court of the United States, 1864
Union Army General M.T. McMahon (left) playing chess against a fellow officer, before the Wilderness campaign in Virginia (1864)
Private Lewis Martin, 29th United States Colored Troops - arm and leg amputated after wounding at the Battle of the Crater, 1864
Two Union men on the shore of the James River, 1864
A “Powder monkey”aboard USS New Hampshire, 1864. His chief role was to carry gunpowder from the powder magazine in the ship's hold to the artillery pieces, either in bulk or as cartridges, to minimize the risk of fires and explosions.
US Civil War, Federal cavalry guarding the Orange & Alexandria R.R. near Union Mills, VA, 1864, by Mathew Brady
"Portrait of Colonel de Berckheim with Senior Members of the Second Shogunal Mission to Europe," Paris, May 1864
A cart road in Kashmir lined with poplar trees, Photo taken near Srinagar by Samuel Bourne, India 1864
Washington Roebling, circa 1864. A hero of Gettysburg, he rose from private to colonel. He took over as chief engineer of the Brooklyn Bridge when his father John died. When Washington was disabled by the bends, his wife Emily became de facto chief engineer.
Samurai Pose in front of Sphinx in Egypt on World Tour. Circa 1864.
View from the state capitol steps, Nashville, Tennessee, 1864
Bloody Bill Anderson before the Centralia Massacre - Summer 1864
A very well equipped Union cavalryman poses with his Hall Breechloader and 1851 Navy Colt open-top revolver, ca 1864.
Powder monkey on the U.S.S. New Hampshire, 1864.
Lieut. J. B. Neill, 153d New York Infantry, US Army, ca 1864.
Shimla in Winter, India 1864
Wounded soldiers at rest near Marye's Heights, Fredericksburg, Virginia. After the battle of Spotsylvania, in 1864.
Aerial view of the ruins of the city of Richmond after General Sherman's "March to the Sea" campaign which began in Atlanta on November 15, 1864, and ended in Savannah on December 21, 1864.
Portrait of "Arab Musicians’" photographed by Ludovico Wolfgang Hart, 1864, Cleveland Museum of Art
Photograph by George N. Barnard of Union Army troops pulling up railroad tracks in Atlanta (1864)
Ruins of rolling mill and railroad cars destroyed by Confederates on evacuation of Atlanta, Georgia, 1864.
Two brothers, privates in the 11th Battallion GA Light Artillery of the Confederacy. Both under 18 years of age. Year 1864.
Graves near City Point, Va., 1864-65. This stereoscopic image is by Photographer Mathew Brady. Source is the National Archives Catalog.
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Atlanta’s Union Station, destroyed during the shelling and fall of the city. The completion of the ‘Atlanta Campaign’ directly influenced President Lincoln’s re-election and immediately preceded General Sherman’s march to Savannah. American Civil War, 1864.
Dragoon officer of the Austrian (Habsburg) army, 1864
Austrian soldiers posing with war trophies after the campaign against Denmark, 1864
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