What is histomania?

It is collection of photos that have historical value. It is a side project born as an extension to mapmania.

Can I use the photos?

As long as you respect the original copyright of photos absolutely! These photos are sourced from various sources and each photo is referenced back to its submitter and source. Please respect those.

Is there a copyright violation?

Hopefully not. None of these photos have originated on this site. They are sourced from other sites that have already published them. But copyrights are complex and difficult to get right, so if there are any issues for concern on any of the photos, please do reach out with details. Contact details are below.

What are scores?

We wanted to get some sense of popularity for each photo. It is important to note that this is not quality, quality is a different metric than popularity. Since we could not devise a mechanism to measure quality by solely using algorithms, we went for popularity instead.

All scores are between 0 and 100 and they are logarithmic. Meaning it is exponentially more difficult for photos to have higher scores, there are practically only two photos that have a score of 100, one from each of the sources.

For photos sourced from reddit, score is based on the number of votes that a photo received from reddit community in the corresponding subreddit. It is calculated by the following formula: 10 x log(1 + 1023 x (votes_for_the_photo_in_question / max_votes_for_any_photo), 2).

Each of these formulas will always give a score between 0-100.

Who is the team?

Histomania is the brainchild of Ilker Temir, a maker, entrepreneur, product manager and engineer. Sailing, history (as a result, marimetime history) and technology are my passions. You can contact me at ilkerilkertemir.com.

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